Kolob - St. George Utah


Local, State and National Parks Guide

St. George, Utah and the Surrounding Area

Southern Utah offers a chance to visit some of the most spectacular state and national parks in the country.  A vast amount of southern Utah has been turned into national parks to preserve the beauty for future generations.  The St. George area offers convenient access to southwestern Utah’s and Southern Nevada’s state and national parks.  If your time schedule is tight you can visit most of the National Parks listed with each one being a day trip from St. George Utah. Some places you can see more than one in a day by planning out your route to include more parks.  If you have more time, most of the Parks are well worth spending a few days exploring.

National Parks

State Parks:

  • Snow Canyon
  • Sand Hallow Recreation Area
  • Gunlock Park & Reservoir
  • Quail Creek Park & Reservoir
  • Red Cliffs Recreation Area
  • Valley Of Fire (Nevada State Park)

Local Parks: