Iron Town

Old Iron Town, Utah
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Old Iron Town

Old Iron town, Utah

In 1850 this town called “Iron Mission” was settled by 120 men 30 women and 18 children.  In 1881 the Utah Iron Manufacturing Company was organized and was finished being built in 1884. The Deseret Iron Company was founded and iron production was under way. The Iron Mission plant was the second only plant west of the Mississippi where mined ore was made into pig iron.

In 1890 after only 8 years of operation, the plant was shut down because of floods, needed repairs on the furnace and problems transporting the iron and cheaper imported iron from the east. Only 25 tons of iron had been produced at a cost of $150,000.00.

In 1948 when it was decided to make this town sight an historic sight only a chimney from a blast furnace and one charcoal kiln was left standing and is all that remains today. There are still old mine tailings piles that are fun for rock hounds to sift through.