Harrisburg, Utah
Ghost Town

Harrisburg, Utah

Harrisburg, Utah came to be in 1862 when a flood destroyed the settlement of Harrisville and its residence were forced to move elsewhere. They named there new place of refinance Harrisburg after Moses Harris (the man who settled Harrisville). By 1864 128 people lived here, almost all the houses were made out of stone.

In 1869 many people started to move away due to grasshopper plagues and flooding. Navajo Indian raids also chased many away. By around 1895 the last people had moved away and Harrisburg became a ghost town.

Today Interstate 15 runs right through the middle of the old town. The town sight left on the east side of Interstate 15 is now a RV Camp. There are several old stone houses and walls left standing at this sight. A one lane road that goes under I15 from the RV Camp takes you over to what is left of Harrisburg on the west side of Interstate 15.