Dino Days in Dixie celebrates the discovery of the tracks located at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm as well as the additional paleontological wonders of the area. Scheduled for the first week in May, events kick off with the Grand Opening for the new Protosuchus life restoration. Additionally, we are introducing the public to the latest additions in the Dino Park which include a shade structure, embedded fossil bones that can be observed and touched, and new interactive areas supported in part by the Utah Arts and Museums, with funding from the State of Utah. These include a track-making area, replica dig box, and climb-in track box. The Grand Opening will be held May 5th at 5 PM and will include a Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting as well as refreshments in the new area. The public is invited and museum entry will be free that evening.

Lectures by our paleontologist at local schools will be highlighted during the week as well as fun things in the museum such as handouts, coloring pages, mazes, etc., for the children. On Saturday, May 10th, craft sessions will be held at 11 AM through 2 PM.

At the St. George branch of the Washington County Library, Dino Days will be featured with decorations and fun things to read about dinosaurs.

For more information please visit the St. George Dinosaur Discover website.