Rock Hounding

Rock Hounding and Fossil Collecting In Southern Utah

 There are so many great places to rock hound in Southern Utah. Here is a list of a few places you can go rockhounding and fossil hunting.

Central – Agate – Red banded agate.

Leeds – Petrified Wood

Hurricane Mesa – Petrified Wood & Agate

Gooseberry Mesa – Petrified Wood – Small pieces but some have crystallized making for nice specimens.

Kolob Reservoir – Fossils – Seashells from bottom of ancient sea bed now are 10,000+ feet in elevation.

Mt Carmel – Septarian Nodules

Brian Head – Agate – This is beautiful red banded agate, most of the Brian Head peak is agate.

Summit – Agate

Gunlock – Fossils – Little fully formed starfish that got left in the mud when the water subsided.

West of Cedar City / Old Iron Town – Quarts & Minerals – Lots of old mining tailing.

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We have used the books listed below and it has been so much fun hunting for rocks in this area. Even though some of the books are older, they still have great information.

The only problem you might run into is if a housing development has been built on the rock hounding spot the book mentions. We have not ran into this problem yet, if you do just look around the area because most rock hounding areas are more than just small pockets.

Rockhounding Utah (Rockhounding Series)

Gem Trails of Utah

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Rockhounding Rules & Rock Collecting General Information