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St. George, Washington County, Utah
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Hiking & Biking Non-Motorized Trails

One of the best ways to experience the desert terrain of Southwestern Utah is on one of the 83 trails managed by the St George Field Office. Many of the trails are open to multiple users, including hikers, mountain bikers, skaters, and equestrians.

Here are some maps you can view or print out of the hiking and biking trail system here in southern Utah. There are many paved hiking and biking tails in Washington County Utah with more being added all the time. Check them out:

St. George Utah Trail Map

Washington City Utah Trail Map

Ivins City Utah Trail Map

Santa Clara Utah Trail Map

The trails listed below are mountain bike and hiking dirt trails

Bearclaw-Poppy Trail System

The trails in this system sit beneath the infamous Bloomington Hill/Red Bluff (on the east) and are bounded by the equally well known Curley Hollow Road (on the south) and Stucki Springs Road (on the north). This area is part of the Red Bluff Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), which was designated for the protection of the Dwarf Bearclaw-Poppy (Arctomecon humilis). Federally listed asendangered, the Dwarf Bearclaw-Poppy is found only in Washington County, Utah. As such, the protection of its habitat is critical to its survival.

BLM Bearclaw-Poppy brochure


Canaan Mountain Wilderness

Adjacent to the southeast boundary of Zion National Park, Canaan Mountain Wilderness is comprised of approximately 44,500 acres of public land in Washington County. In this wilderness, an 8-by-10 mile block of Navajo Sandstone, bounded by 2,000-foot-high cliffs, has been sculpted by wind and water over time into a landscape of soaring cliff walls, natural arches, and slot canyons. On the highest plateaus, stands of ponderosa pine are surrounded by cream-colored slickrock. Pinyon pine, Utah juniper, scrub oak, and sagebrush cover the mountain slopes, at lower elevations.  Seeps in the canyon walls provide water for hanging gardens of maidenhair fern, monkeyflower, and columbine. Hawks, falcons, and golden eagles nest along the sandstone walls, while ringtailed cats, deer, cougar, and black bear live on the plateaus and in the canyon bottoms.

Canaan Mountain Wilderness BLM Map

Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail

This National Recreation Trail is located on Gooseberry Mesa in southern Utah’s red rock country.  At an elevation of 5,200 feet, views from the mesa rims are spectacular.  Rising to the north are the massive sandstone sentinels of Zion National Park.  Spread out below the west rim is a panorama of colorful desert mesas and water carved canyons.

BLM Gooseberry Mesa brochure


Hurricane Cliffs Trail System


Unlike the other trail systems in St. George Field Office area, the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System wasn’t developed because of its awesome slick rock or incredible views, and it isn’t inside a protected area such as a Reserve or Area of Critical Environmental Concern. This trail system developed because it’s an area that is just plain fun to mountain bike.


While not the legendary riding of the Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail (under who’s shadow this trail system sits), the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System has its own rewards. From smooth, rolling terrain to rough, rocky slabs, there are 22.6 miles of great riding single-track in the system. Best of all, if you’re willing to ride a short section of State Route 59, and a few sections of 4 x 4 roads, you can bike a loop of 21.6 miles.

Be sure to check each trail you plan to visit as there are user group restrictions. For example, the Canal Trail is only open to hikers, and equestrians are restricted to existing roads and the Chinatown Wash Trail.

Hurricane Cliffs BLM brochure


Information courtesy BLM website